Women in QST with Johanna Erdmenger

22 October 2020
from 14:30 to 17:00

Women in QST: "Black holes and quantum computers" with Johanna Erdmenger

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The Women in QST talk series aims to regularly feature inspiring female scientists from the field of Quantum Science and Technology. Outstanding female researchers are invited to talk about their research and current projects, as well as about their career paths with the QST community.

We are excited to take this opportunity and organize our first online Women in QST event, where female* scientists from the quantum science and technology community are invited to meet Prof. Erdmenger.

On 22 October Prof. Johanna Erdmenger will give a scientific online talk entitled Black holes and quantum computers. After the scientific talk Prof. Erdmenger will offer a short introduction to the Grete Hermann Network.

Then there will be the opportunity for women* in QST to get to know other participants from various QST research institutions and exchange ideas.


14:30-15:45 | Scientific talk wth live Q&A (open to the QST Community)

15:45-16:00 | Break

15:45-17:00 | Networking & Exchange (open for female* scientists in QST)

About Johanna Erdmenger

Professor Johanna Erdmenger is holder of the Chair for Theoretical Physics III at Julius Maximilians University Wuerzburg since 2016. Her research area covers topics linking quantum field theory, gravity, string theory and particle physics. In particular, she is involved in research on gauge/gravity duality that provides explicit maps between quantum field theories and gravity theories. She has worked extensively on applications of gauge/gravity duality to condensed matter physics and quantum information, linking seemingly unrelated topics. Recent achievements concern the application of gauge/gravity duality and hydrodynamics to Dirac materials and the relation between black holes and quantum information. She is author of the first textbook on gauge/gravity duality. Moreover, she is principal investigator and board member of the Cluster of Excellence `Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter' (ct.qmat - Wuerzburg/Dresden).

Talk abstract | Black holes and quantum computers

The concept of quantum information plays an important role in two seemingly distinct areas of physics: For studying the quantum properties of black holes as well as for devising quantum computers. Recently it has turned out that black holes and quantum computers share more properties than previously thought: The way that quantum information is processed in black holes saturates bounds obtained in quantum information theory. This is intimately related to the holographic principle, according to which the information stored in a volume is encoded on its surface, as is the case for black holes. Quantum entanglement may be mapped to geometric quantities. In the talk I will describe the essential new concepts that relate quantum information to geometry and gravity. I will explain how these relations may be used to obtain both a further understanding of quantum black holes as well as further insight into the theoretical foundations of quantum computing. Finally, I will briefly explain how gravity and geometry may be used for describing quantum transport in strongly correlated electron systems.

Registration Deadline: 20 October 2020

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