Bridging the Gap: Nano Meets Quantum

20 September 2021 - 24 September 2021

CeNS & MCQST Workshop is postponed for September 2021.

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Venice International University

Isola di San Servolo




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Due to the current restrictions caused by COVID-19, the 2020 workshop at the Venice International University had to be cancelled. The workshop is postponed to September 20-24, 2021.

Scope of the Workshop

This workshop brings together young researchers of the Center for NanoScience (CeNS) and the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) with experienced scientists from the fields of physics and chemistry. The talks of the workshop are intended to give the graduate students and post-doctoral researchers of CeNS and MCQST an overview of current research topics on nanometer-scale and quantum science.

Under the workshop title "Bridging the Gap: Nano meets Quantum", renowned scientists from all over the world will convene on the beautiful island of San Servolo to exchange ideas and to discuss their latest research progress.


The workshop takes place at the Venice International University (VIU) located on the small island "San Servolo". The island is connected to the historic center of Venice by boat No. 20. The boat ride takes 10 minutes and boats run regularly until late at night.

Confirmed Speakers

Manfred Bayer | TU Dortmund

Dominik Bucher | TU Munich

Giuseppe Carleo | CCQ Flatiron New York

Peng Chen| Cornell University

Karl Duderstadt | MPI of Biochemistry

Sophia Economou | Virginia Tech

Rainer Hillenbrand | CIC nanoGUNE

Gerhard Kirchmair | University of Innsbruck

Jian-Feng Li | Xiamen University

Suljo Linic | University of Michigan

Isabel Pastoriza Santos | University of Vigo

Stephen Quake | Stanford University

Nicole Robb | Oxford University

Dimitrios Stamou | University of Copenhagen

Toeno van der Sar | TU Delft

Antoine van Oijen | University of Wollongong

Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy | MPI for the Science of Light

Feng Wang | UC Berkeley

Program Committee

The program committee is composed of the following CeNS and MCQST members:

Prof. Thorben Cordes, LMU / CeNS
Prof. Emiliano Cortés, LMU / CeNS
Prof. Jonathan Finley, TUM / MCQST
Prof. Hermann Gaub, LMU/ CeNS
Prof. Hans-Gregor Hübl, TUM / MCQST
Prof. Ulrich Schollwöck, LMU / CeNS / MCQST

Workshop Organization

Dr. Susanne Hennig | CeNS
Claudia Leonhardt | CeNS
Dr. Tatjana Wilk | MCQST


The workshop will start on Monday, September 21 at 9.00 a.m. and will end on Friday, September 25 at 11.00 a.m. and will combine invited talks and poster presentations.

Poster Sessions

In addition to the talks, all participants are invited to present a poster at one of the two poster sessions taking place on Tuesday and Thursday.

Group Travel to Venice by Train

CeNS will make reservations for a direct train to and from Venice, so that all participants from Munich and Augsburg can take this train to travel together to Venice.

The train (EuroCity) leaves Munich Central Station on Sunday, September 20 at 11:34 a.m. and will arrive in Venezia Santa Lucia at 6:25 p.m.. From the train station to San Servolo, it takes about 60 min.

The return train will leave Venice on Friday, September 25 at 1:35 p.m. and will reach Munich at 8:25 p.m..

Travelling by Air

Several airlines offer flights to Marco Polo International Airport at Venice. From the airport, regular boats (e.g. ALILAGUNA) connect to the island of Venice. The conference location San Servolo is reached via boat No. 20 from close to the Piazzale San Marco.


We have booked rooms for speakers and participants from Sunday evening (Sept. 20) to Friday morning (Sept. 25). The rooms are located on the island of San Servolo.

Accommodation for speakers

The speakers of the workshop are invited to stay on San Servolo where CeNS has booked single and double rooms from Sunday evening (20th) to Friday morning (25th). Please inform Claudia Leonhardt at claudia.leonhardt[at] as soon as possible about your arrival and departure dates and whether you will need a single or double room.

Accommodation for participants

Rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds will be at disposal for students (PhD and Master students). Senior researchers will be accommodated in single rooms (or double rooms upon request).


Registration will open in May.

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