Juggling family AND career. A workshop for couples in academia and beyond

16 January 2021
from 09:00 to 17:00

Juggling family AND career. A workshop for couples in academia (and beyond)

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Juggling family AND career. A workshop for couples in academia (and beyond)

Children are wonderful. They turn our world upside down, and we love them more than anything else. And they need our time and our attention – just as our job and our partnership do. Having a family AND a thriving scientific career: Is that possible?

The course focuses on creating an individual life-balance-model that fits the needs of both partners, their careers and their family. Participants will reflect upon their goals and values, set priorities and question expectations & role patterns critically:

  • What are our individual career and life goals? Are they realistic, and (how) can we combine them?
  • How can we find a fair share of caregiving, housework and employment?
  • How can we navigate our partnership through rough times, solve conflicts and value each other?
  • How can we gain help, organize childcare and build a supportive network, even if there is no family around?

In the course of the workshop, participants will also analyze typical obstacles and discuss different work-life-models and career concepts.

This couple workshop is aimed at young parents (-to-be), who strive for a scientific career and do not want to forgo a fulfilled family life. The workshop tackles the subject with a mix of theory, discussions, partner / group work and self-reflection exercises.


  • Analysis of personal & family values
  • Career & family planning: setting goals and priorities
  • Dealing with partnership issues & role patterns
  • Role clarification and setting boundaries in private & professional life
  • Tools for communication and conflict resolution
  • Using individual and external resources wisely and gaining support
  • Dealing with legal & financial issues in the context of parenthood & academia

Participation is limited to five couples. Please register with one of your names and emailaddress. It suffices if one of you is a MCQST member.

MCQST can cover childcare costs for the duration of the program. Please get in touch as soon as possible, if you are interested.

Registration is possible till 16 December 2020.

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