Let's talk about it: Home Office Strategies

26 February 2021
from 15:00 to 16:30

How do you deal with the current situation? Let's talk about it and exchange ideas!

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Let's talk about it: Home Office Strategies

It's been almost a year since Germany went into lockdown with all its consequences. Working in home office, with little social contact, and mostly virtual meetings poses a whole new challenge on society and individuals. We would like to hear your way of coping and dealing with the situation. Have you found strategies to structure your day? What do you find the most difficult? What would you like to continue after things have gone back to "normal"? And most of all we would like to hear how we can support you. What kind of imput in the form of workshops or soft skill trainings might be useful to you to continue your research under the current circumstance? Are there other ways that might improve your situation?


After a short introduction round, we will speak about your experiences and exchange strategies to deal with the current situation. Then the discussion will turn to how you can make use of the support structures that are already in place and how we can build new structures that adapt to the emerging challenges we find ourselves in now.

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