IMPRS-QST & MCQST Communication Days

28 November 2022 - 29 November 2022
from 10:00 to 17:30

Upgrade your science communication skills by registering for the Communication Days workshops.

MCQST Community Workshops

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MPI of Quantum Optics

Hans-Kopfermann-Straße 1


Garching - Forschungszentrum

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Science Communication Days

Storytelling, Self-Presentation & The Science Show

MCQST and IMPRS-QST have once again teamed up to offer this exciting workshop focused on science communication. The workshop combines theoretical input and learning with hands-on and creative methods in order to provide a framework for deep learning.

The event is divided in two 1-day workshops which end in the preparation of a science show. The goal is to combine effective skill learning with fun exercises and an interesting science show format, and in the end to turn these days into an unforgettable experience. Overall, it will be a great learning and self-improvement experience.

Workshop description

Day 1 – Presentation Skills and Storytelling | November 28th, 10.00-18.00
Trainer: Kathrin Keune
Location: MPQ | Seminar Room B0.32

This workshop offers an insight into the basics of storytelling with the focus on designing a scientific talk in an interesting, compelling way. The participants learn to create a red thread through their story in order to manage the audience's attention. Working with images and metaphors is key in this approach. In addition to the structural design, we will shed light on the delivery of a presentation in terms of body language and effective gesturing.

  • Opening teaser and storyboard – Turning your science project into a story
  • Body Language and use of voice
  • Practice of improvisation

Day 2 – Improvisation Skills and Preparation of the Science Show| November 29th, 09.00-16.00
Trainer: Thomas Müller
Location: MPQ | Seminar Room B0.32

The goal of this workshop is to develop one’s play range on stage and to access skills for authentic improvisation. In a scientific context, these skills are making a difference in professionalism and appearance in unstructured settings such as conferences and ad-hoc meetings. The participants will be guided into a playful use of body language and voice practices, they will practice different ways of presenting themselves to stay easy in different situations. Finally, the coach will lead the group into the development of a science show that uses the newly acquired skills in the performance. There is the possibility of featuring the final performance at the MCQST & IMPRS-QST Christmas party on December 8th.

  • Practicing improvisation as a group
  • Becoming more fluent in body language, use of voice and flexibility in presentation
  • Practicing spontaneity, improv rules that are important for communication in general
  • Preparation for the show – staging, dramaturgical set-up, order of elements

Who can apply?

IMPRS-QST and MCQST Master Students, PhD Students, and PostDocs.

Important note

Lunch and coffee is covered by the organizers - we will book a table for all participants in the MPQ cafeteria. Also, in the week prior to the workshop, there will be a get-to-know each other meeting (about 1-2 hours), where we can brainstorm ideas for the sicence show. Details will follow once the registration has closed.

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