Quantum Optics Conference

26 October 2021
from 08:30 to 19:00

attocube, in cooperation with MCQST, is organizing a full-day online ‘Quantum Optics’ conference. Leading scientists will present insights on recent advances and research results in magneto and quantum optics.

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Challenges, Techniques, and Research Trends in Magneto and Quantum Optics

On Tuesday, October 26, the attocube team and Alexander Högele at LMU are organizing a full-day, free online conference on “Quantum Optics” of Solid State Systems. Leading scientists will present their latest research results and will provide an outlook on where the field is headed.

The program of the conference will consist of two scientific sessions with 12 talks in total, followed by a public panel discussion on "Quantum optics: from science to quantum technology" with 4 experts in the late afternoon, hosted by Alex Högele and Khaled Karraï. Join the free-of-charge event to gain insights on recent advances in research and applications on single photon sources, 2D materials and 2D magnets, NV and other color centers, quantum sensing in high pressure physics and cavity quantum optics.

The list of speakers includes: Mete Atatüre, Claire Le Gall, Sven Höfling, Atac Imamoglu, Maciej Koperski, Chaoyang Lu, Kin Fai Mak, Jonathan Noé, Jean-Francois Roch, Pascale Senellart, Niccolo Somaschi, Bernhard Urbaszek, Samarth Vadia, Richard Warburton, Xiadong Xu, Norman Yao.


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