IMPRS-QST Summer School

IMPRS-QST students hold their annual Summer School two days prior to the MCQST2024 Conference. As an essential component of the graduate school, the students themselves design the event agenda. This gathering serves as a platform for all IMPRS-QST students to engage in idea exchange, gain fresh perspectives from Alumni, draw inspiration from industry career talks, and gain insights into the latest research from esteemed experts in specialized lectures. Furthermore, the Summer School features four workshops aimed at enhancing the students' soft skills.

Please note that the Summer School is open to IMPRS-QST students only!

Monday, 13 May

09:30 | Arrival & Coffee

10:00 | Welcome & Ice-breaker Activities

10:30 | PhD Talks

Albert Gasull & Benjamin Schiffer, Theory Group @ MPQ
Marc Langer, Quantum Algorithms and Applications @ TUM
Hannah Lange & Tim Harris, Quantum Many Body Theory Group @ LMU
Josef Willsher, Theory of Quantum Matter and Nanophysics @ TUM
Willhelm Kadow, Collective Quantum Dynamics @ TUM
Marcel Gievers, Theoretical Solid State Physics @ LMU
Damiano Aliverti, Theoretical Nanophysics @ LMU
Lucia Cuervo Valor, Applied Quantum Theory @ WMI/TUM

11:30 | Lunch

Summer School Lectures

13:00 | Tutorial Talk: Quantum Materials - Ataç Imamoglu (ETH Zürich)
14:00 | Group discussions
14:30 | Science talk
15:00 | Q&A

15:00 | Coffee Break & Room Check-In

16:30 | Alumni talks & Podium Discussion

How to PhD - or not?
Patrick Emonts, Leiden University

From Science to Consulting
Stefan Langenfeld, Basycon

Working at IQM: solving optimization problems with quantum algorithms
Elisabeth Wybo, IQM

18:30 | Dinner

19:30 | PhD Feedback Session

20:30 | Karaoke

Tuesday, 14 May

Soft Skills Workshops

09:00 | Parallel sessions. Check the conference app for details.

Career Development | Auditorium
Dr. Lisa Steinhauser

Explaining Science with Images – Theory and application of visual science communication | Salon 2
Dr. Johannes ‘Jo’ Richers

Plan and Follow Through: Goal Setting, Time Tracking and Project Management for PhDs | Salon 3
Dr. Emma Geoffray

3D Computer Generated Images | Salon 1
Christoph Hohmann

12:30 | Lunch

Summer School Lectures

13:30 | Tutorial Talk: Quantum Information - Mikhail Lukin (Harvard University)
14:30 | Group discussions
15:00 | Science talk
15:30 | Q&A

16:00 | Coffee Break

16:30 | PhD Talks

Karl Briegel, Quantum Sensing @ TUM
Beatrice Costa, Quantum Electronics and Computer Engineering @ TUM
Kevin Mours, MQV Quantum Computing @ MPQ
Kunal Singh, Engineered Quantum Systems @ MPQ
Jacopo De Santis, Scalable Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing @ MPQ
Michelle Lienhardt, Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Systems @ WSI, TUM
Jakob Pforr & Fabian Salamon, Quantum Networks @ MPQ/TUM
Anna Rupp, Nanophotonics Group @ LMU
Muhammad Thariq, Laser Spectroscopy @ MPQ

17:30 | Break

18:00 | Everyone joins the MCQST2024 Conference

Soft Skills Workshops

Career Development

In this workshop we will take a look at the transition phase between academia and industry and the different kinds of possible positions. We will discuss how you can prepare already during the PhD time and how the job entry works. The goal is to learn more about the transfer of the skill set, that you've already gained and to get more clarity, on where you want to go with your career. The workshop will include knowledge impulse from the trainer, some group work, discussion rounds and time for questions.

About the trainer
Dr. Lisa Steinhauser studied chemistry at the University of Tübingen and then did her doctorate. Since starting her career twelve years ago, she has gained experience in various companies and positions in industry and the private sector. Lisa has been a part-time freelance coach and trainer for PhD candidates and students since 2017.

Explaining Science with Images – Theory and application of visual science communication

This interactive workshop teaches the basics of graphic design, visual communication, and the use of images in science, and provides insight into how to analyze and create scientific illustrations.

About the trainer
Dr. Johannes ‘Jo’ Richers, based in Tübingen, Germany, holds a doctorate in chemistry and a master's in science marketing. Through his work blending science, art, and design, he's become known for his impactful journal covers and creative contributions to the scientific landscape. Jo shares his expertise through seminars and workshops, focusing on visual science communication and storytelling.

Plan and Follow Through: Goal Setting, Time Tracking and Project Management for PhDs

This workshop is designed to empower early career researchers with the practical skills to successfully plan their research. It focuses on three key aspects: goal setting, time tracking, and project management. Gain clarity and set meaningful goals aligned with your aspirations and research objectives. Learn proven time management strategies to optimize productivity and create a realistic schedule. Develop project management skills to break down complex tasks, set priorities, stay organized and meet deadlines. To tailor this workshop to the participants’ needs and the shorter training format, participants will be asked to choose two out of six possible learning outcomes:

  • Set goals that are aligned with your motivations and research objectives,
  • Get a realistic estimate on the time you have available,
  • Break down your goals into manageable projects and tasks,
  • Plan over the short, medium, and long term using digital or analogue tools,
  • Keep track of your progress, follow through on your plan, and adjust it if necessary,
  • Bounce back and pivot when nothing goes according to plan.

Participants get to practice their organizational skills through several exercises during the workshop. Join us to gain the skills needed to plan and achieve your research goals.

About the trainer
Dr. Emma Geoffray, founder of Grow into your PhD. I have experience in international research (particularly in Switzerland and Germany) in the field of theoretical particle physics. Following my graduation in early 2023, I have conducted successful training programs on the topics of mental health, planning and presentations for researchers. Known for my engaging teaching style and my ability to create an inclusive learning environment, I am dedicated to supporting the academic growth of junior scientists. My goal is to weave together my research background, with my writing skills and years of acting, to deliver high-impact and entertaining workshops.

3D Computer Generated Images

In this course, we will step into the world of Computer Generated Images (CGI). After we familiarized ourselves with the Software "3D Studio Max", we will model objects, assign textures, set up lights and cameras and of course render out the final image.

Tech. Requirements: Windows Laptop (no Mac OS / Linux), Mouse, min. 4GB RAM, 10GB Disk Space. A dedicated Graphics Card and 8GB + RAM is recommended.

About the Trainer
Christoph Hohmann studied Media Technology at the TH Deggendorf and is working as a media designer for scientific content since 2011 at the LMU München Physics Faculty. His work focuses on visual science communication, through which he has created over 100 cover images for journals such as Nature, Science, or Advanced Materials.

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