MCQST 2024 - Agenda

MCQST2024 features inspiring talks from the MCQST community and invited guests, innovative research, dedicated meetings for the MCQST community, as well as two poster sessions. Join us to discover the latest scientific and technological advancements spanning all areas of Quantum Science and Technology (QST).

Covered topics include: Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Metrology and Sensing, Quantum Matter, and Explorative Directions (bridging quantum science and technology with high-energy physics, quantum gravity, cosmology, or quantum chemistry).

Tuesday, 14 May

17:00 | Arrival at AllgäuSternHotel

18:15 | Welcome Keynote by Ignacio Cirac (MPQ & MCQST co-Speaker)

18:30 | Quantum Stammtisch: “Quantum Computing: A dream or a reality?
Immanuel Bloch, Ignacio Cirac, Barbara Kraus, Mikhail Lukin

19:30 | Welcome Dinner

21:00 - 22:30 | Poster Session "Alice"

Wednesday, 15 May

08:00 | Women in QST Breakfast
A casual networking breakfast for women* working in QST

RU-C: Quantum Computing Session

09:00 | Exploring quantum computing frontier with programmable atom arrays
Mikhail Lukin (Harvard Univ.)

09:30 | Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing with Strontium Optical Qubits
Andrea Alberti (MPI of Quantum Optics)

10:00 | Group Photo & Coffee Break

RU-A: Quantum Information Theory Session

11:00 | Bounding Quantum Dynamics
Daniel Burgarth (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

11:30 | The Wehrl entropy problem
Rupert Frank (LMU)

12:00 | Hidden Markov models - classical and quantum mechanisms, and beyond
Andreas Winter (Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona)

12:30 | Lunch

RU-G: Explorative Directions Session

13:30 | Quantum Simulating (with) Nature's Quantum Correlations
Natalie Klco (Duke Univ.)

14:00 | Quantum simulation – Engineering & understanding quantum systems atom-by-atom
Monika Aidelsburger (MPI of Quantum Optics & LMU)

Academia and Mental Health Session

14:30 | Handling Stress and Crisis - Strategies and Tips
Samy Egli (MPI of Psychiatry)

15:30 | Coffee Break

RU-E: Quantum Metrology & Sensing Session

16:00 | The nonlinear sound of tiny guitars approaching the quantum regime
Adrian Bachtold (ICFO)

16:30 | Field control of many-body phases in frustrated moiré bilayers
Laura Classen (TUM)

RU-G: Explorative Directions Session

17:00 | Laser Cooled Molecules for Quantum Science and Fundamental Physics
Loïc Anderegg (Harvard Univ.)

17:30 | Extreme ultraviolet optical frequency combs and applications
Akira Ozawa (MPI of Quantum Optics)

18:00 | Break

19:00 | Dinner

20:30 | Poster Session "Bob"

Thursday, 16 May

C: Quantum Computing Session

09:00 | Digital quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories with qudits and fermions
Torsten Zache (Univ. of Innsbruck & IQOQI)

09:30 | What can we learn from applications for the development of quantum computing?
Jeanette Lorenz (Fraunhofer IKS)

RU-A: Quantum Information Theory Session

10:00 | Computationally Universal Phases of Quantum Matter
Robert Raußendorf (Leibniz Univ. Hannover)

10:30 | Rate distortion theory for mixed states
Zahra Khanian (TUM)

11:00 | Coffee Break

RU-E: Quantum Metrology & Sensing Session

11:30 | Dissipative approaches to quantum metrology
Aashish Clerk (Univ. of Chicago)

12:00 | What limits the critical temperature for superconductivity in quantum materials?
Milan Allan (LMU)

12:30 | Lunch

RU-B: Quantum Simulation Session

13:30 | Emergence of topological pumping in atom-light interaction
Tilman Esslinger (ETH Zurich)

14:00 | Towards a sine-Gordon Quantum Simulator with a Quantum Gas Microscope
Alvise Bastianello (TUM)

RU-D: Quantum Communication Session

14:30 | Quantum networks with neutral atom processing nodes
Hannes Bernien (Univ. of Chicago)

15:00 | Ultrafast electrical switching and charge state control of silicon vacancy centers in diamond
Viviana Villafañe (TUM)

15:30 | Coffee Break

16:00 | Social Activities / Active Networking

18:45 | Bus transfer / Hike to Sonnenkopfhütte

19:00 | Dinner at the Sonnenkopfhütte & Poster Prize Announcement

21:30 | Bus transfer / Hike back to hotel

Friday, 17 May

RU-F: Quantum Matter Session

09:00 | Topological and Correlated States in Thin Films of Cadmium Arsenide
Susanne Stemmer (UC Santa Barbara)

09:30 | Quantics Tensor Cross Interpolation: a Quantum-Inspired Tools for Manipulating Functions
Jan von Delft (LMU)

10:00 | Anomalous diffusive fluctuations in low dimensional quantum systems
Romain Vasseur (Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst)

10:30 | Addressing the electronic spin ensemble by propagating microwaves in broadband regime
Nadezhda Kukharchyk (Walther Meißner Institut)

11:00 | Coffee Break

Award Ceremony

11:30 | MCQST PhD and Master's Award

12:30 | Lunch

B: Quantum Simulation Session

13:30 | Exceptional non-Hermitian topology
Flore Kunst (MPI for the Science of Light)

14:00 | From wheels to qubits: Geometrically tuning the error rate
Sebastian Paeckel (LMU)

RU-D: Quantum Communication Session

14:30 | TBA
Mehdi Namazi (Qunnect)

15:00 | Quantum information experiments with single atoms coupled to crossed optical cavities
Pau Farrera (MPI of Quantum Optics)

15:30 | Coffee Break

16:00 | Departure

Organizing Committees

Program Committee

The MCQST 2024 program is established by the Executive Committee of MCQST.

Research Units Coordinators

  • Monika Aidelsburger | LMU Munich
  • Mari Carmen Bañuls | MPI of Quantum Optics
  • Immanuel Bloch | LMU Munich & MPI of Quantum Optics
  • Ignacio Cirac | MPI of Quantum Optics & TU Munich
  • Jonathan Finley | TU Munich
  • Steffen Glaser | TU Munich
  • Rudolf Gross | Walther-Meißner-Institute & TU Munich
  • Wolfgang Heckl | Deutsches Museum
  • Christian Pfleiderer | TU Munich
  • Gerhard Rempe | MPI of Quantum Optics
  • Ulrich Schollwöck | LMU Munich
  • Simone Warzel | TU Munich
  • Eva Weig | TU Munich
  • Harald Weinfurter | LMU Munich
  • Michael Wolf | TU Munich

Junior Group Representatives

  • Menno Poot | TU Munich
  • Andreas Reiserer | MPI of Quantum Optics & TU Munich

Postdoc Representatives

  • Pau Farrera | MPI of Quantum Optics
  • Viviana Villafañe | TU Munich

PhD Representatives

  • Vjosa Blakaj | TU Munich
  • Pooja Malik | LMU Munich

Local Organizers

MCQST 2024 conference is organized by the MCQST Office.

  • Christoph Hohmann | Media Design
  • Anca Ionescu | Outreach & Events
  • Claudia Leonhardt | Support Programs
  • Michelle Lorenz | Accounting
  • Barbara Tautz | Diversity & Guests
  • Brigitte Voß | Accounting
  • Tatjana Wilk | General Manager

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