6 - 8 July 2020 | Online Event

Munich Conference on QST 2020

Welcome to MCQST 2020!

The Munich Conference on QST 2020, organized by the Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, brings together its scientific community from all career-stages with international guests in academia and industry to strengthen the exchange of ideas and discuss the latest advancements in all fields of quantum science and technology (QST).

The second Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology was held ONLINE from 6 to 8 July 2020.

A new format

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives and dramatically changed the status-quo, including how scientific events are organized.

Scientific exchange is a cornerstone of a researcher’s life and lies at the heart of our growing community. We are determined to make the best out of the current situation and create an online scientific conference that is environmentally, family, and even pet friendly. Therefore, we are thrilled to open up our virtual doors to the scientific community in a space designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and latest advancements.

Join us for the #MCQST2020 experience!

Main Stage

A virtual auditorium, where all scientific talks are streamed, with engaging live Q&A sessions.

Discover the conference's speaker lineup and program.

3D Posters

Virtual galleries with innovative presenting solutions - this year's poster session is set to be an extra special one.

A parallel Twitter campaign will further raise engagement and outreach.


Dedicated meeting areas for virtual coffee breaks, industry roundtables, and spontaneous meetings with easy table hopping.

Yes, even at an online event!

Science meets Industry

Companies working in QST are invited to give a short presentation about their profiles and research activities and interact with interested students and participants from the MCQST Community during dedicated round tables. Additionally, companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves at an individual virtual booth. Further details on the Networking page.

Invited Speakers

Aisha Aqeel | TUM & MCQST

Holger Boche | TUM & MCQST

Collin Broholm | Johns Hopkins University Baltimore

Dominik Bucher | TUM & MCQST

Paola Cappellaro | MIT

Nilanjana Datta | University of Cambridge

Stefan Filipp | WMI / TUM & MCQST

Fabian Grusdt | LMU & MCQST

Vedika Khemani | Stanford University

Hans Hübl | WMI

Thierry Lahaye | Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau

John Martinis | University of California Santa Barbara

Allan McDonald | University of Texas

Jasmin Meinecke | LMU & MCQST

Christian Mendl | TUM & MCQST

Thomas Monz | University of Innsbruck

Kai Müller | TUM & MCQST

Lode Pollet | LMU & MCQST

Arno Rauschenbeutel | Humboldt University

Renato Renner | ETH Zürich

Christian Schilling | LMU & MCQST

Norbert Schuch | MPQ & MCQST

Pascale Senellart | C2N-CNRS

Pimonpan Sompet | MPQ & MCQST

Marika Taylor | University of Southampton

Frank Verstraete | Ghent University

Bing Yang | University of Innsbruck

Amir Yacoby | Harvard University

Martin Zeppenfeld | MPQ & MCQST

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