Posters at QIP 2021

Important dates for contributors

  • Monday, January 4: Notification date for submitted talks and posters. A list of accepted papers will be posted subsequently and a schedule drawn up.
  • Monday, January 18, 7 a.m. CET (extended deadline): Submission deadline for camera-ready accepted posters and annotations. Formatting instructions can be downloaded below. Upload instructions are sent be email to accepted posters.

Download the list with all posters presenting at QIP2021.

Best Student Paper Prize

A submission is eligible for the Best Student Paper prize if and only the main author(s) is/are a student(s) at the time of the submission and will present the work at QIP, and further a significant portion of the work (at least 60%) has been done by said student(s), including contributing the majority of the key ideas.
Eligibility can only be indicated at the time of submission. All authors are notified if their paper has been labelled as eligible for the student prize, and have 14 days following submission to voice any disagreements about the paper's nomination to the Pogram Committee (PC) chair.

The PC chair is free to ask for any clarifications regarding the students' contributions at any time.

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