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Bringing the MCQST Community Together

In its first year, MCQST developed a number of programs to strengthen its scientific community. At MCQST, we believe in the strength of an open atmosphere and equal opportunity. In order to implement our goal to create and maintain an open atmosphere and equal opportunities for everyone we laid the basis of our diversity, equity, and inclusion measures in 2019. We approached the topic from two different angles: First, with a focus on anti-discrimination and creating a network and community of allies and active bystanders. Second, by supporting minorities within QST.

The Diversity in Leadership Program is an example of how we want to introduce an awareness for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics in the wider MCQST community. 17 outstanding junior researchers formed the first cohort of this program that focuses on educating future leaders in QST. Together they will take part in workshops on unconscious bias, conflict management and gender in physics, but will also reflect on their own values and responsibilities as future leaders in QST. To support women in the MCQST community, we had the first call for application for our MCQST mentoring program, which aims to connect female researchers on a PhD and postdoc level with specialists from academia and industry. Our events included a diversity coffee, a panel discussion on Academic career and family together with SFB 1032, and a Women@MCQST lunch.

Events for the MCQST Community

Quantum X-Mas Party

Join us for a quantum party celebration together with the MCQST Community.

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MCQST meets MPQueer

MCQST meets MPQueer at Pink Christmas Market

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Academic career and family

Academic career and family? Join us for an exchange of ideas and experiences.

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Women @ MCQST Lunch

Join us for the first Women @ MCQST lunch, for an informal discussion about challenges and opportunities.

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Diversity & Coffee at MCQST

Join us for coffee and cake to kick off our equal opportunity, familiy, and diversity programs!

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MQC Guests

As a core part of the cluster's collaboration strategy, MCQST connected international top-level experts to the QST network in Munich by implementing a vibrant guest program, bringing esteemed guests for short-term visits in the area. This helped raise the visibility of QST research in Munich and supported junior researchers in building their own international research network.

Tomasz Paterek

NTU Singapore, Singapore

Quantum Correlations and Quantum State Tomography
Visited the Weinfurter group in May 2019

Mihir K. Bhaskar

Harvard University, USA

Quantum Optics with Vacancy Centers in Diamond
Visited the Finley group in June 2019

Minh-Binh Tran

Southern Methodist University, USA

Mathematical Physics and Kinetic Theory
Visited the Nam group in July-August 2019

Miguel Frías Pérez

University of Barcelona, Spain

Many-Body Quantum Systems
Visited the Bañuls group in December 2019

Viviana Villafañe

Centro Atómico Bariloche & Instituto Balseiro, Argentina

Cavity Quantum Optomechanics and Photonics
Visited the Finley group in May 2019

Nobuyuki Imoto

Osaka University, Japan

Correlated Photons
Visited the Weinfurter group in June 2019

Bruno Nachtergaele

University of California at Davis, USA

Many-Body Quantum Systems
Visited the Warzel and Wolf groups in August-September 2019

Marco Tomamichel

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Quantum Information Theory
Visited the König group in December 2019

Eugenio Coronado

University of Valencia, Spain

Interfacial Metal-Organic Nanosystems and Networks
Visited the Barth group in Summer 2019

David Weld

University of California Santa Barbara, USA

Nonequilibrium Quantum Dynamics
Visited the Bloch group in June-July 2019

Michael Jabbour & Hao-Chung Cheng

University of Cambridge, UK

Quantum Networks
Visited the König group in November 2019

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