MCQST Annual Report 2019

MCQST in 2019

In its first year of operation, the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) got a lot of programs off the ground. As a newly created Cluster of Excellence funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) under Germany’s Excellence Strategy, MCQST started working on its structured long-term research program addressing all field of quantum science and technology. Moreover, MCQST invested in new instrumentation and installed its support structures with a robust program for researchers from all career levels. MCQST organized a lot of events and started its outreach activities to make Munich more visible for researchers but also for the public.

In this report, you'll find an overview of MCQST's activities in 2019. These pages contain detailed accounts of our research program, events, and outreach efforts.

And to our MCQST community: Thank you for your hard work and enthusiastic participation in our first year of operation. You made all of this possible, and we are very grateful to have achieved this with all of you!

One of the first challenges MCQST had to tackle was to fill all the open positions in the research groups as well as in the MCQST Office. I am very happy that I managed to recruit such a great team! All team members are very motivated and ambitious, following the goal to make MCQST a big success. In our first year, we have put MCQST on a very good track: together, we started our support programs, hosted conferences and public talks, and brought our community together. And when I look at the excellent research results of the first year of MCQST, the Principal Investigators have also been successful in recruiting and bringing together many talented researchers.

- Tatjana Wilk, MCQST General Manager

2019 at a glance


Support Programs - Special funding and programs for our researchers


Instrumentation - Funding for equipment and instrumentation


Research & Publications - the major scientific milestones and publications in 2019


Outreach - Sharing our research with the public and with other researchers


Life at MCQST - Strengthening interpersonal connections within our cluster

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