Quantum Science Slam

Quantum Science Slam

The Cluster of Excellence MCQST proudly presents its first Quantum Science Slam organized in collaboration with Microsoft Germany. The event is part of the first Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology , which takes place on 8/9 July.

A science slam is a series of talks in which scientists present their research to a wider audience in an entertaining and comprehensive way. In the end, the audience’s applause evaluates the presentations and determine a favorite. Since MCQST is all about quantum science and technology, the talks will focus primarily on quantum related topics. Our main aim is to bring quantum science into focus in an engaging way.

The Quantum Slam will take place at the Microsoft Atrium, starting 7:30 pm on July 8th.

Get to know our team of quantum slammers below.

Ivana Kurecic

Ivana Kurecic

About Ivana
Failing to focus on just their doctoral studies of quantum stuff, Ivana became a professional expert and hopped onto a cornucopia of topics through technical communication and science writing, ultimately landing on political science. Ivana digs cycling commutes, group theory, fountain pens, and open science, presents planetarium shows, rears beetles, draws poorly, and runs the Munich chapter of Shut Up & Write!

Doctoral researcher | Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Quantum Slam Talk: Quantum Policy Control Theory

Markus Hasenöhrl

About Markus

Markus is a doctoral candidate at the Technical University of Munich at the chair of Mathematical Physics. His current interest is the mathematical structure of adaptive protocols in Quantum Information Theory. Specifically, Markus investigates fundamental limits for Interaction-Free measurements.

Doctoral candidate | Mathematical Physics, Technical University of Munich

Quantum Slam Talk: Defusing a bomb - the quantum way

Markus Hasenoehrl
Frauke Seeßelberg

Frauke Seeßelberg

About Frauke

During her PhD, Frauke created and experimented with ultracold polar molecules. They allow for the realisation of much more complex quantum systems than e. g. atoms. However, at some point it occurred to Frauke that her passion for this topic is usually met with scepticism (from colleagues) or with outright astonishment (from all others). As a science slammer, she wants to raise awareness for the awesomeness of ultracold, polar molecules!

Science Slammer

Quantum Slam Talk: AlkaLove

Nicolas Tolazzi

About Nicolas

Nicolas is a passionate experimental physicist doing his PhD at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. He enjoys the combination of programming, optics, and electronics his job requires and is always on the quest for exciting physics, interesting conversations, and new Python modules.

PhD Student | Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Quantum Slam Talk: A Photon Love Story

Nicolas Tolazzi
Matthias Mader

Matthias Mader

About Matthias

Besides his research on developping novel methods for ultra sensitive spectroscopy of e.g. gases in the division of Prof. Hänsch, Matthias organises science slams to bring the enthusiams for science out of the lab.

Research Assistent | LMU München & Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Moderator of the Quantum Science Slam

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