Quantum Science Slam

Quantum Science Slam

Calling all quantum science slammers! MCQST is thrilled to announce the upcoming Quantum Science Slam on 11. Dec. 2021 at Heppel & Ettlich.

Want to improve your public speaking skills and practice making your work accessible to the general public? Julie Offe, founder of the Science Slam company and a science communication professional, will lead you through two workshops in Nürnberg to help you develop your presentation. Your Slam can be in German or English depending on your preference.
Participation is free of charge. Travel costs between Munich and Nürnberg (2nd class train tickets) will be reimbursed by Munich Quantum Valley.

Click here to sign up for the workshops and Science Slam:

Please register by Thursday, 4. Nov. There will be a maximum of 6 participants. If necessary, participants will be selected based on the variety of topics and associated institutions.

Workshop 1: Friday, 12. Nov 2021, Deutsches Museum Nürnberg, 10:30-15:30
Picking a topic, the basics of a Science Slam, presenting in front of an audience, developing initial ideas

Workshop 2: Friday, 26. Nov 2021, Location in Nürnberg TBA, 10:30-15:30
Presenting first versions of the slam with group feedback and discussion

Science Slam
: Saturday, 11. Dec 2021, Heppel & Ettlich in Munich, 20:00


What is a Science Slam?

Science slam is a science communication format where young scientists explain their research projects in short 10-minute-talks that are easy to follow and afterwards the audience gets to vote. The important thing is not primarily the scientific outcome of their work, but to explain it in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. Science slams take place outside the university or lecture halls and instead in cultural centers, theaters or clubs, usually in the evening. So, in a science slam, the scientists leave their ivory tower and become a part of popular culture.

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