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Physik im Theater - Colder is (almost) impossible

In his lecture "Colder is (almost) impossible. Experimenting with the coldest objects in the universe" Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch presents the history of ultra-cold atoms and their applications in modern solid-state, high-energy, and statistical physics. For example, cold atoms can be trapped in microscopic tweezer-like laser traps of light. By superimposing laser beams from different directions, almost any crystal structure can be simulated. Such crystals of light serve today as the basis for the world's most accurate clocks and allow an unprecedented insight into the quantum world of matter. They also form the basis for future quantum simulators.

The lecture took place on June 5th at the Großes Haus at the Staatstheater Mainz as part of the Physik im Theater series, which are organized by the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics.

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