Quantum Science Slam

Talking Quantum: The Science Slam

As part of the Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology on 8/9 July 2019, an event focused on strengthening the QST research network, the MCQST excellence cluster organized its first Quantum Science Slam .

The event was co-organized and hosted by Microsoft Germany on July 8th 2019. The Atrium in Munich provided the perfect location for the four scientists, who transformed the space into their own stage, winning the audience over with their presentation skills. Ivana, Markus, Frauke, and Nico successfully managed to present complex scientific topics in an entertaining and informative way under the skilled moderation of Matthias. As is the case with all science slams, the audience determines the winner. The prize – a precious nano-diamond – was awarded to Markus Hasenöhrl.

You can watch the talks on the MCQST YouTube channel .

Thank you to all who have joined us and to our very talented science communicators!

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