9 December 2022

Isabella Fritsche

Isabella Fritsche - planQC

1. Could you describe your role at planqc, and what that experience has been like?

I am a quantum hardware engineer at Planqc, the first startup from the Munich Quantum Valley. At Planqc, we will build a neutral atom quantum computer. I am currently working on trapping these neutral atoms in an optical lattice that will later confine the qubits.


2. What has it been like working for a quantum startup?

The working environment is great because my colleagues are all very enthusiastic and brilliant people. For me, starting to work at Planqc was the perfect next step after my postdoc in Innsbruck, because a startup is the place where research/inventions and goal-oriented work meet.

3. What are your plans for the holidays?

I'm really looking forward to seeing my family again. I have five siblings and the probability of seeing them all in one room is generally low, but at Christmas we'll make it. However, after family-saturation has set in I will visit loved ones in Innsbruck and celebrate the new year.

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