14 December 2020

Richard Schmidt

Dr. Richard Schmidt - Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Briefly describe the following: your current position, affiliation, your role within MCQST.

I am leading the independent Max Planck Research Group “Theory of Quantum Matter” at MPQ, Garching. Our group develops theory at the interface of solid state and AMO physics. I am core-PI (Principal Investigator) of MCQST and serve as representative of MCQST’s junior groups in the executive committee.

How does a typical workday looks like for you?

After bringing our little daughter to childcare I typically go to Garching, starting my day checking the arXiv and answering emails and internal group messages. Whenever possible, at Garching I spend a good portion of the day discussing with my students and postdocs (this part I enjoy the most!), work on drafts for papers and grant applications, and discuss online with collaborators.

What was the biggest challenge you faced recently?

As many parents do, the biggest challenge I have recently faced is finding a balanced way of combining work (in my case leading a research group of more than 10 members) and taking care of our one-year-old daughter together with my wife who is also working full-time.

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