13 December 2020

Marianne Köpf

Dr. Marianne Köpf - TU Munich

Briefly describe the your current position and your role within MCQST.

I work in the academic administration of TUM and am involved in the degree program coordination and counselling of our new master degree programs ‘ Quantum Science & Technology ’ (QST) and ‘Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics’. Furthermore I am also the secretary of the examination boards of both degree programs.

Marianne Köpf at her desk in her office at TUM. © C. Hohmann / MCQST

How does a typical workday looks like for you?

Usually I do academic counselling by e-mail or zoom, take over administrative tasks like the coordination of the aptitude assessment or the coordination between LMU and TUM.

What was the biggest challenge you ffaced so far in this position?

We were very happy that the QST degree program has finally started this winter semester. The pandemic continues to disrupt the usual studying conditions and thus poses one of the greatest challenges that must be overcome. For me, it is still a challenge to get to know the needs of the students, as they cannot simply drop by.

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