Quantum Computers: from basic research to industrial maturity


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Quantum computers have now reached the technological maturity to perform in seconds calculations for which the fastest classical supercomputers would need years. Nevertheless, the capabilities of quantum processors are currently still very limited, as they only have a short time to execute algorithms before the necessary quantum mechanical states disintegrate. In this lecture, Dr. Hartmut Neven will explain how quantum computers work and for which algorithms their enormous computing power will be useful in the future. In particular, he will describe how quantum algorithms could help develop technologies that contribute to halting climate change or triggering another revolution in artificial intelligence.

About the speaker:

Hartmut Neven is an Engineering Director at Google AI. He is the founder and manager of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab. The objective of the lab is to fabricate quantum processors and develop novel quantum algorithms to dramatically accelerate computational tasks for machine intelligence. Previously, Hartmut was the head of Google’s Visual Search team. His team developed the visual search service which today is used by a large number of Google products including Image Search, Google Photos, YouTube, Street View and Google Lens. His teams won a number of competitions designed to establish the best visual recognition software for faces (FERET 1996, FRVT 2002), objects (ImageNet 2014) and text (ICDAR 2013). He was also a co-founder of Project Glass and led the team that built the first prototype. Hartmut started two computer vision companies. His second company, Neven Vision, was acquired by Google in 2006. Neven Vision pioneered visual search and launched the first face filters based on facial feature detection. Hartmut obtained his Ph.D. in 1996 with a thesis on “Dynamics for vision-guided autonomous mobile robots”. Then he became a research professor at the University of Southern California.

The talk, which will be held in German, will begin at 19:00. Further information regarding registration for the event will be available on the website soon.

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